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Pergolas: 5 answers to important questions

Pergolas: 5 answers to important questions

In Greece, pergolas are an integral element of our daily lives. It is the place in which we can live winter and summer in a pleasant environment with family and friends and create memories for a lifetime.

The choice of the design of the pergola to follow is very important to arise after study and thought. Above all, we must ask ourselves what the use of the construction that we want to carry out will be. For example, do we want construction to protect us from the sun or rain? As plausible as this question may seem, the answer is not so obvious.

Very often we think that we want to have coverage from both rain and sun and in practice, the truth is that what we need differs. So the first question we have to answer is whether we want to sit under the pergola when it rains or if we just need shade in the summer. Very often the answer is that in essence we only need the shade.

Of course, as the climate in Greece also changes, pergolas that cover both the need for shade and the need for protection from rain are often preferable. For example, the bioclimatic pergolas that cover the area with blinds and follow the direction of the sun are the ideal solution for those who are looking for a construction that can withstand all weather conditions. The bioclimatic pergolas are perfectly watertight and very cool in the summer.

An additional question that we often face has to do with the height of the construction as well as its design so that it is fully integrated into the house. Very often we avoid design with slopes when it interferes a lot with the aesthetics of the house. The architect always has the first say in this regard. 

Other times we choose to design a skeleton even with empty sections of coverage so that there is a single construction throughout the space. For example, on a rooftop terrace, the coverage over a barbecue may be completely different from the one we use above the main dining area of the space.

Other times when it comes to shade, many times wooden pergolas are the ideal solution for those who want to maintain warmth and naturalness in their space. The coverage with superimposed woods as well as with a rod such as wicker satisfies to the fullest all those who want shade in the summer in a natural and timeless way. In any case, the options on the pergolas are many. What is needed is study and planning such that we can achieve the best possible result.

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