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Our Company

Our Vision

To offer value, solutions, and inspiration in your space.

Who we are

We are a family business with over 20 years of experience. We firmly believe that our actions and not our words have determined our successful course so far. Our main concern lies in the satisfied customers and that's why we have built a business directly intertwined with quality.

Our Purpose

Our goal is to contribute to the circular economy of the industry by investing in the management of our packaging, as well as in the certification of the company’s carbon neutrality.

Although we are of the opinion that the future of retail hangs upon the application of even more new technologies, we believe that physical stores should inspire and surprise. Thus, in our physical store, you will be able to link up with an architecture that will inspire you, as well as a beautiful garden along with brand new interesting samples.

Our Company

Our People

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Stella and Tonia Malaxianaki


The leadership of a company is the pursuit of a vision, a place uncharted that no one has ever seen. It takes courage and adaptability, innovation, and empathy to make a business a success.

We live in a world of more. More advertising, more products more alternatives, and more confusion.  Stella and I have removed all the fuss created by unnecessary information and images.  Our choices reflect the best products that the industry has created. We firmly believe in the quality of materials and socially responsible choices. All our products are made to last in time both because of impeccable design but also because of durable materials.

Our physical store is our first child. A place that is a source of inspiration to individuals and professionals. Full of natural light and a lively garden, it is more reminiscent of a house than a shop. It is a newly renovated space that activates all senses.

We have structured our online presence in order to offer the maximum experience that a user can have on the internet. We believe a lot in the power of the internet and the possibilities it can offer to our customers.

Our business is our passion. In a world that favors fast fashion and cheap copies, we will stay true to our principles of innovation creation and quality.


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Dimitris Taloumis


Design and Construction Shading Systems

Born in exotic Madagascar, he grew up and lived in Tripoli until he was 17 when he fulfilled his first great dream, his introduction to the School of Architects at the National Technical University of Athens. A few years later, he designed his first pergola in his notebook.

A prophecy? A year later, 1998 was his first day at "PERGOLA". A few years later he was the godfather of "DESIGN" in the name to date. 23 years later he still takes care of his spiritual child as a family. Dimitris believes that the details, but also the respect for the architecture of a building are a key factor in the integrity of the construction. Dimitris is an architect who can solve in a unique way the most complex floor plan of a terrace and it is no coincidence that all our clients have with him excellent cooperation.



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Irela Pieri

Operations Coordinator

Irela came to the company in 2007 and devoted herself to it with all its self. Her passion and conscientiousness have made her the favorite of our customers. Irela deals mainly with sales but also with the execution of daily orders.



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George Dimou


George has been with the company for over 20 years and his experience in the installation and assembly of constructions is a given. George is never tired, is very responsible, noble, and above all, he feels the burden of responsibility that the proper placement of construction has. George constantly attends seminars and is informed about the new products both in terms of their assembling and their maintenance.


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Penelope Mouzala

Senior Consultant

Eshop: Strategic development and operations

Penelope is the new blood in the business and has brought new life into the digital image of Design Pergola. Full of vibrancy and new ideas, she has managed in a very short time to man the new online store of design pergola but also to make a significant contribution to the creation of new tools and applications that will further modernize the business. Penelope places great importance on the user experience in the online store and makes sure to keep his interest alive every day.



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Nopi Symeonidi

Senior Consultant

Project Sales

Nopi joined the business in September 2021 and immediately became an integral part of the team. Nopi has a passion for her work, ethos, and professional conscience. Her experience in the field counts more than fifteen years and that is why she has excellent knowledge of many indoor and outdoor furniture companies. Nopi can turn a colorless professional space into a modern and original restaurant, using solutions that will excite you.