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Pergola: 5 steps for the right decision!

Pergola: 5 steps for the right decision!

The ideal pergola for our space is not a simple matter. There are many options and usually, our needs are not clear. We are often confused between what we would ideally like and what meets the needs of the space and the conditions it is in.

Step 1

In our store, you will find the right solution and the definitive answer to all your questions. We will guide you to our ultramodern and renovated space and you will see all the new models and the new trends that exist in the market of shading and housing of outdoor spaces. With our specialized staff, you will be able to have a discussion in order to determine the needs you want to serve. It is common after the first discussion to come up with some projects that we would like to see as alternatives.

Step 2

After this point, the architect of the company visits your place and gets a floor plan. Proper measurement is very important for the complete and correct outcome of the project and therefore special attention is paid to this point.

Step 3

After that, we make an appointment in our store where you are given a detailed presentation of the designs that have been selected. In a special program, you will see your space with built-in construction from many angles. You will see the orientation of the sun and the shade that your construction will provide you during the day. You will be able to understand exactly whether this construction will solve the problem of shade or housing, and you will have no surprises. Most of the time you do not need a second appointment to have a complete offer of construction. In the second reading, we discuss the use of space and the furniture you would like to frame. Our experience in outdoor equipment and construction is over twenty years and that's why we are sure to find what you need in the right ratio of quality and price.

Step 4

After that begins the most important point of the project which is the execution of the order. Our crews have been trained in Italy to install the constructions of the KE PERGOLAS and in Switzerland to repair and place the Glatz umbrellas. With over twenty years of experience in the installation of constructions, our people are constantly informed about the new products and the particularities of placement that each design has. It is no coincidence that they can actually install the most difficult constructions always in compliance with the required safety measures. 

Step 5

But our work doesn't stop there. In designpergola, we pay great attention to after-sales service. For us, every project is equally important and each client is always treated with respect and professionalism. Therefore any failure that may occur is treated immediately.

Do not hesitate to visit our store at Kifissias 192 ave. in Neo Psychiko, to guide you to our hospitable place and envision together your own space!

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