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RE.spect the future

We live in an era when everything is “too much”. There is lots of advertising, lots of products, lots of alternatives, and lots of confusion. Thus, we have removed all the fuss caused by unnecessary information and images. Our choices reflect the best that the industry has ever demonstrated.

We firmly believe in materials of quality and socially responsible choices. Therefore, all our products are manufactured based on endurance over time both in terms of design, as well as the durability of materials.

Our Purpose

Our goal is to contribute to achieving a circular economy in our industry by constantly investing in quality, as we also aim to reduce our environmental footprint.

Some of our upcoming actions are:

* Creating a website category for our clients' used furniture to be sold. Every time a piece of furniture is sold again, we extend its lifespan and contribute to a circular economy.

* Obtaining carbon neutrality certification.

* Obtaining certification for proper packaging management.