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Design outdoor furniture for 2021. What is the tre

Design outdoor furniture for 2021. What is the trend in 2021

This year the demand for outdoor furniture and constructions has doubled worldwide. Swimming pools, outdoor heaters, structures, and luxurious sofa beds have taken the place of interior furniture and have practically flooded the market. Even those of us who have a small balcony on a terrace, this year we have been looking to find a way to make the most of it. This year's winter, combined with the pandemic that is not yet over, has resulted in an urgent need to spend more time outside. This has resulted in many new trends in outdoor furniture.

The days when in our garden or terrace we used to put a simple set of armchairs with a matching sofa is now over. Nowadays we have realized that we must treat our outdoors with imagination and personal style... Dare and highlight the space by choosing more and more materials, more and more color palettes. The exterior of a house is no longer space we can place a bistro table and consider it to be enough. Thus, in 2021, the trend in outdoor equipment is the combination of materials, (teak wood, synthetic cord, and aluminum) and colors (grey, yellow, brown) in an imaginative and creative way. Tribu, for example, on its new sofa by designer Yabu Pushelberg combines metal with synthetic cord and fabrics with a rich structure. But it doesn't stop there. Tribu chooses the combination of the sofa with wooden decorative tables that give warmth and unparalleled finesse.

Another trend in 2021 concerns the need for people to take the holiday climate home. To convey the luxury and well-being that a luxury hotel can offer us in the house. Thus, sofas with luxurious fabric lining have replaced the most common pillows made of canvas turning the outdoor space into a personal oasis. The fabrics now have structure and special weaving and play a primary role in the choice of sofa.  Gloster,  in its new Mistral range by designer Henrik Pedersen, has chosen waterproof cushions with such a soft texture,  that it makes you doubt whether the fabric is indeed outdoor.

Finally, another trend in outdoor decoration has to do with how much people want to enjoy an unexpected experience at home. So outdoor fixtures that work with photovoltaic, or rechargeable batteries have their honor.  Fermob and designer Tristan Lohner have created the Aplo series, which clearly shows how a simple idea can transform your garden or terrace into an unexpected and enjoyable space.