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7 ideas for pergolas that will transform your outd

7 ideas for pergolas that will transform your outdoor space into an oasis.

The outdoor space of a house is frequently a space where we do not pay too much attention. Maybe because we have spent so much on our new kitchen our wooden floors or our sofas, we neglect to configure our outdoor space leaving it for later...

However, in Greece particularly the outdoor space of our house is the space where we will live our happy moments, we will recharge our batteries and we will rest. The truth is that even a small balcony can bring us incredible joy if it is nicely equipped. In this article, we will attempt to give you some ideas which will entice you to live outdoors twelve months a year.

The first thing that comes to our mind when we talk about outdoor spaces is to define our needs. If for example, we live in an apartment in the center a vertical or horizontal awning is necessary. Our favorite tent is called Qubica and it really leaves an impression with its impeccable design. With the Qubica awning, you will be able to protect yourself during the summer but you will also be able to limit your space and live outdoors during winter too.

A second option is the Xtesa pergola, which is suitable not only for the sun but for the rain as well. The Xtesa pergola is an innovative structure with an aluminum frame and folding cloth. It can be closed on its sides with vertical awnings or glass doors. The Xtesa has a great dimension range, it can be 15 meters long and 7 meters wide. Its inclination is not too big which means that it can adjust to the architecture of your building.

Another pergola we absolutely love is the Isola pergola with its straight roof. The Isola pergola has an aluminum structure with a retractable folding cloth available in wall mount and self-supporting versions. The maximum width of the construction of the Isola pergola is five meters wide with seven meters projection.

A fourth choice and aesthetically beautiful is the louvered pergola. The louvered pergolas can be fixed, adjustable, and retractable.

In the case of a fixed structure, the pergola gives great sun coverage. The fixed roofs match perfectly to modern houses and can be either wooden or aluminum. We think that the combination of an aluminum structure with wooden roofs is great for a cozier final look.

However, the adjustable louvered tops can satisfy any need. The bioclimatic pergolas are able to protect not only from the sun but from the rain as well, even from the snow. Maximum projection reaches seven meters and width reaches five. The louvered top can adjust up to 135 degrees and the rainwater is channeled to dedicated gutters.

Finally, the last evolution of the bioclimatic pergola is our new model called Skylife. This is a structure that will please even the most demanding crowd. The Skylife pergola has a rotating louver retractable roof. That is to say that outdoor space can become totally warm and inviting during winter whereas at the same time it can become totally joyful and welcoming for you to enjoy one warm day with a clear sky night. 

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