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Product Description

Mode of operation: You can easily open and close Fortero. Pull the lever down and fasten it to the base of the spokes.


Fabric category 5: Polyacrylate, UV protection> 98%

Fabric category 4: Polyacrylate, UV protection> 98%

Fabric category 2: Polyacrylate, UV protection> 98%

Frame: Made of anodized aluminum. The central pole consists of 2 parts. The fabric is easily replaced, thanks to the flexible ends of the spokes.

Accessories: Optional protective cover with zipper.

Dimension / Air resistance / Base

250x250cm / 70km / h / min. 70 kg

300x300cm / 60km / h / min. 90 kg

350x350cm / 50km / h / min. 120 kg


The wind resistance in medium size

This is a sunshade that isn’t knocked down easily. And that includes sudden gusts of wind. It therefore certainly lives up to its name: Fortero – the strong one. Despite its size and robustness, it is easy to control, and, due to the counter-rotating servo principle, it is also exceptionally easy to handle. On large squares, hotel patios, and swimming pools, it provides generous and extremely reliable shade. With a size of up to 4 meters in diameter, from the perspective of safety, it is crucial that it is properly fixed in place. In addition to concrete, granite, and bases with castors, various alternatives for permanent anchorage are also available.