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Product Description

Mode of operation: You can easily open and close Fortello. Pull the lever down and fasten it to the base of the spokes.


Fabric category 5: Polyacrylate, UV protection> 98%

Fabric category 4: Polyacrylate, UV protection> 98%

Fabric category 2: Polyacrylate, UV protection> 98%

Frame: Made of anodized aluminum. The central pole consists of 2 parts. The fabric is easily replaced, thanks to the flexible ends of the spokes.

Accessories: Optional protective cover with zipper.

Dimension / Air resistance / Base

Ø 400cm / 85km / h / min. 120 kg


The wind-resistant in large size

The robust Fortello is neither too big nor too small and therefore hits the sweet spot. It is also easy to transport and withstands wind speeds of up to 100 km/h. This makes it the right choice for both heavy fall winds at the Mediterranean as well as for large, unprotected squares. In terms of ease of use, we decided on the easy-as-pie counter-rotating servo opening principle. As a sunshade that provides protection against the sun, wind, and rain, it can also be equipped with an Osyrion battery light on request. That makes those evenings when the weather isn’t so great enjoyable. Our Fortello also cuts a dash as an advertising medium for logos and lettering.