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Τhe lighting stool Inouï is 44 cm high, ideal as a stool around a garden table, an occasional table for your garden furniture set – and even a lamp for those more sociable settings. Its colorful metal handle means it’s easy to pick up and carry to any location in the garden. The handle even houses the switch! This one-of-a-kind product also comes with Bluetooth technology, allowing you to control it remotely and vary your lighting moods with the Fermob Lighting app. And just like the brand’s other lamps, it features various brightness and color temperature settings. Perfect for setting the mood just as you want it! Last but by no means least, it is wireless and comes with its own charging base. Ideal for making those summer evenings last even longer!


Weight: 5 kg

Length: 41.9 cm

Width: 41.9 cm

Height: 43.9 cm

Tabletop: Steel sheet

Diffuser: Polyethylene

Lighting intensity: 2 neutral white (100% & 50%) + 2 cool white (100% & 50%) + OFF

T° color: 1 warm white (3000°K) and 1 cool white (6000°K)

Technology: LED

Power (Watts): 7 W

Luminous flux: 250 lm

Min. Battery life: 9 h

Max.: 18 h

Rechargeable: 4 h

Type of power supply: ABS plastic charging base & transformer 110-230 Apv*/24 Dpv** IPX0 Multi-type sockets

Cable (supplied): 1.5 m

Bluetooth: Yes

Controlled with a switch or remotely using the integrated Bluetooth system compatible with the "Fermob Lighting" app

Bypass to prevent battery damage during wired use

Ingress protection: IP54

Impact resistance: IK 8

CE standard: Yes

Powered by Smart & Green

Ideal for domestic and professional use

UV Resistant


When Fermob lets its creativity run free, bright ideas flow. And that’s what this collection, Inouï, is all about. This one-of-a-kind collection brings together every aspect of Fermob’s know-how: metalwork combined with polyethylene, a design-inspired look, an exclusive range of colors, and a dash of technology. The result is a piece that brings added convenience to life in the garden.