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DP Barcelona

Design Pergola S.A. manufactures pergolas from wood, aluminum, and cloth. At the company's factory, in Aspropyrgos, Attica, the wood is processed. Then, our specialized architects - partners design the constructions so that they are not only elegant but also functional. 


DP Barcelona 

The Barcelona pergola is a combination of wood and awning. For our constructions, we use various wood options according to the customer's preferences. Very often our customers are interested in African timber such as teak, iroko, etc in order to ensure not only the life of the wood but also an even aesthetic result without obvious pinks or imperfections in the wood. Teak wood and iroko, are wood very hard up to their heart which does not allow fungi to penetrate inside and erode the construction. On the other hand, pinewood is used very often when we want to achieve long lengths without central columns. For awnings, we use the awnings of the ΚΕ which are extremely durable. Of course, the straight awnings are not suitable for rainy days or for long sand dunes so we always advise our customers to keep them closed when they are not in the area.