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BASE WITH SLABS 180kg (+swivel)

Suitable for Fortano
Product Code GZ180SLSW-BASE
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Product Description

BASE WITH SLABS 180kg (+swivel)

The 180 kg base of the Glatz company is available with 12 concrete slabs, a steel frame, and a 360° rotation mechanism (swivel).


Length: 91 cm

Width: 91 cm

Height: 15.5-19.5 cm

Refer to the table of technical characteristics located on the umbrella of your choice to select the correct base.


Wind stability in all locations

Where there’s water, there's wind. All the more reason to ensure that a sunshade provides the appropriate degree of wind resistance. As a newcomer to our range, the Fortano combines the comfort of a sunshade without the inconvenience of a centre pole but with the durability of our F series. In the 3x3 metre version, in stormy autumn weather, it is able to withstand wind speeds of up to 60 km/h – provided that the ground anchoring has been fixed properly. If more shade is required for larger outdoor areas, the Fortano with a side length of four metres is the ideal choice.