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How it works: To open the Alu Smart, simply press the neck button until it locks into place. You can tilt the canopy using the hinged joint as well as adjust the height of the trunk.


Fabric category 5: Polyacrylate, UV protection> 98%

Fabric category 4: Polyacrylate, UV protection> 98%

Fabric category 2: Polyacrylate, UV protection> 98%

Frame: Made of anodized aluminum, with adjustable height and inclination. The fabric is easy to replace, thanks to the flexible ends of the beams.

Accessories: A protective zippered cover is optionally available upon request.

Dimension / Air resistance / Base

210x150cm / 55km / h / min. 30 kg

250x200cm / 40km / h / min. 40 kg


Compact but clever

How long does it take until a sunshade is considered a classic? We don’t think it’s a question of time, but a question of clever ideas. The Alu-Smart certainly lives up to its name. It fits perfectly onto angled or narrow balconies; the sunshade cover can be opened and closed effortlessly using the slim, ergonomic slide. Its design, with its elegantly curved fabric edge, harmonizes with both, old and new buildings and has a harmonious flair. The stable aluminum frame subtly reflects the colors of its surroundings. It is also ideal for patios and as a complement to all of the giant sunshades from Glatz.